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Long time

So I have not updated in a super long time! Just a quick update for those lovelies who still follow me after being gone for quite a while.
I am 7 months pregnant!! We are due with our baby girl in April and can not wait!
We also moved back to where we are originally from, St. Louis! My husband did his 5 years in the Marine Corps and decided he wanted to be home with our families and didn’t want to deploy while we had a baby on the way or miss watching her grow up. So blessed to be back home with our families to welcome our little girl into the world!


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i read your love story. wowwww thats so awesome!! congrats on everything!


Aww thank you so much love!! It is the greatest compliment when someone compliments our marriage and our story

How many more months will I have to go through getting my heart broken over and over again?! So sick of this!! I don’t know why this happened to me and why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

It is truly the greatest compliment and most amazing feeling when someone compliments our marriage. It amazes me how people can see and feel our attraction, chemistry, and love for each other!

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